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Culture Nudge 

Executive Mentoring & Coaching


We deliver evidence-based coaching and mentoring, rooted in the cognitive behavioural model, to optimise success and wellbeing.  We identify and solve problems but we are also sensitive to the anxieties and distress that come with such problems 

We work collaboratively, one-on-one with executives and with teams, to formulate and deliver bespoke coaching packages.

Our consultants have backgrounds in Executive Coaching, Occupational Stress, Physiology, Medicine, Neuroscience, Psychology, Empirical Research, and Higher Education.  

Reality exists,

and it’s complicated - infinitely!

Virtually no single leader alone can grasp the full complexity and conceptual diversity of the challenges confronting organisations.


 We all need support.


We evolved to work in teams, 

with each individual practicing what they do best.

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'Management is efficiency in

climbing the ladder of success; 

leadership determines whether the

is leaning against the right wall.'

Stephen R. Covey

Shiny Ladder
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