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About Us

Culture Nudge delivers executive coaching, mentoring and culture audits from a team of successful psychologists and business executives. Our services are informed by an eclectic mix of evidence-based psychological principles and business acumen.

Our founders, having each established their own highly successful independent practices, wanted to set up a powerhouse consultancy to deliver the very best in evidence-driven Executive Coaching.

Our approach aims to endow individuals with the methods to enhance the quality of their working and personal lives in an enduring way.

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Why the name 
'Culture Nudge' ?


Culture is defined as the way of life

of a people, including their attitudes, values, beliefs, modes of perception, and habits of thought and activity.

While cultural features are learned, they are often too pervasive to be readily noticed from within.

Oxford English Dictionary


Nudge is a concept

in behavioural economics and political theory 

which proposes positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions as ways to influence the behaviour and decision making of groups or individuals.


We pick up culture throughout our lives, especially during early development, and carry it with us into adulthood where it shapes our interactions in the workplace, with our children, and so on.

Culture, like a transmissible agent, is disseminated across our external networks, serving to influence us and those around us.  We can unknowingly become hosts to attitudes and biases, both positive and negative. 
Because these processes of acquisition and transmission occur in a covert fashion, their ramifications can eschew conscious awareness and remain unquestioned.  In consequence, in the absence of our informed consent, their impact can infiltrate our internal culture and propagate throughout our personal and professional networks.​

One theme of our work at Culture Nudge is to identify pervasive aspects of culture,
either adaptive or maladaptive, both within individuals and across organisations.
In the workplace, maladaptive cultures inhibit collaborative engagement, waste material resources, and reduce productivity. 
Optimised workplace cultures feel psychologically safe and facilitate teams to cohesively identify and solve problems in innovative and effective ways.

Our expertise lies in helping our clients make sense of the challenges confronting them and nudging the prevailing culture towards a mutually agreed optimal state.

'The ability to deal with people

is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee...

And I will pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun.'

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