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Psychological Characterisation
of Executive Teams

Our Process

At Culture Nudge, we offer a specialised service of enhanced due diligence to institutional investors.  We provide investors with the opportunity to acquire an expert evaluation of the psychological nature of a prospective target company's executive team.  

The celebrated and successful investor Warren Buffett, has emphasised the central importance management quality underpinning corporate success.  He highlights the qualities of candour and the ability to think independently.  Such psychological traits, along with many others, can be evaluated and profitably utilised. 

Psychological Profiling

We are able to offer a full psychological profiling service of management teams, to facilitate institutional investors, looking to acquire a stake in a company.  The service would include both psychometric assessments and intersubjective professional psychological opinions regarding management quality.


Management Failures


There have been several high profile cases of management failures in recent times. 


One infamous case involved, Lucy Letby, a nurse who was convicted of the murder of seven infants and attempted murder of six others between June 2015 and June 2016. At one stage, the chief executive ignored concerns raised by hospital consultants and ordered the consultants ot send a letter of apology to Letby.  

More recently, the British Post Office has been embroiled in a scandal involving over 700 sub-postmasters being wrongly convicted of theft, false accounting and fraud.  

The apparent shortfalls at Post Office branches were due to failures of the Fujitsu Horizon accounting software.  Again, the scandal was perpetuated by a series of management failures, involving attempts to coverup the increasingly apparent defective software.

So, it is very clear, the psychological characteristics of management is fundamental to success but also to these high-profile failures. 

The psychological nature of the executive team running a company will be fundamental to its future prospects.  These psychological matters are frequently overlooked because they appear nebulous and difficult to evaluate.





Our consultants can engage executive teams in a friendly yet thorough evaluation, carry out psychometric tests, and produce a comprehensive report to refine and inform investment decisions. 

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